Rossi Doubt it, but Capirossi Sure of Ducati New Aluminum Frame

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ducati results until halfway through the 2011 season certainly did not make the Italian manufacturer satisfied. But they are still far from giving up. Latest news, Ducati will switch to replace the carbon fiber frame to aluminum frame. Loris Capirossi believes the change could minimize the current problem of Ducati, while Valentino Rossi is more cautious response to these changes.

"In my opinion Ducati has been working to create a different motor. We have asked Filippo (Preziosi) makes a real chassis on the bike. The problem with the Ducati is the rigidity (stiffness). You do not make the stiffness with the swing arm and front-end, "said Capirossi as reported by MCN.

"The most important part is the middle and the engine (where) you can not change the stiffness. You can work a little with (the) front and rear, but you can not do anything with the machine. There is no flex in the middle of the bike, "said Loris.

When asked specifically whether the Ducati reflect back on an aluminum frame, Capirossi, who reportedly will announce to retire in series Brno-replied: "Of course thinking about the Ducati and Valentino gave Ducati the pressure really hard and this is why we've already seen the motor 2012. "

Ducati has been using carbon fiber frames since 2009 after leaving the traditional tubular steel frame that has been used since entering MotoGP in 2003. But Capirossi said the concept is now not working due to lack of front-end feeling.

"You do not feel anything. You do not feel the tires and you do not feel the ground. I do not know what happened, I had no feeling whatsoever and I do not know where the limit. You try and think the feeling is not too bad but when you try a little more you lose the front. This is the biggest problem. "

"When you have a problem with the back then you can control and shift but with (the) front you can not do anything."

Other with Rossi opinion. When asked whether the change in the frame will actually be able to overcome the problem of front-end on the Ducati motor, Rossi would not give a straight answer.

"Really I do not know because I am a racer and I do not have the answer. I hope the someone in Ducati has an answer, "Rossi said.

"One is enough and we hope this is true," continued the Doctor.

Rossi doubts for urgent technical director Filippo Preziosi leaving the carbon fiber frame is based on the fact that carbon fiber frames that exist now are not the same as those used by Capirossi.

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