Peugeot Hoggar

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peugeot wants to establish itself as a leader in the manufacture of automobiles in general. To do this, we must work in all segments. And because Brazil is the largest market for compact pickups, was elected to the worldwide launch of the Hoggar, which arrives in dealerships May 15. Although not the mark of the first truck to be sold in the country – in 90 years, average of 504 have been imported from Argentina – Peugeot Hoggar entry in the fastest growing segment of the public services and is the largest sales .

The direction of the compact pickup is more than a decade with the Fiat Strada, followed by Volkswagen Saveiro, Chevrolet and Ford Courier veteranĂ­ssima Montana. That is, the French brand (one of the pioneers among the “newcomers” to land in Brazil for almost 20 years) just pick a fight against so-called “Big Four” the longest established brands in the market . Peugeot Hoggar Peugeot shows the ambition of accelerated internationalization and confirms strategy.Designed brand in Brazil for the Brazilian market, this pill is perfectly suited to the needs of local customers. Allows Peugeot to support and expand its status and its links as a local manufacturer.
First in the world, will revive the historic facility and Marque by the merger in the future. Peugeot Hoggar subtly combines the durability and reliability of the pickup and dynamic design, which separates the Marque.
In the Hoggar, Peugeot brings a touch of seduction and emotion in the world of pick-ups. The comfort and quality of finish Peugeot Hoggar seduce the most demanding customers, and not compromise the function of style. With a load volume of 1,151 liters and a payload to 742 kg, making the vehicle a benchmark for the market. Peugeot Hoggar design, strong and modern, has been developed with an eye to aesthetics distinctive feature of the family 207. The facade has an air inlet through which a large impact bar and expressive headlights that turn over the wings, which adds a feline model.

There is a buffer strip along the side of simple, smooth lines of the vehicle along the side of the stage, which not only facilitates access to the cargo space, but also excerpts from the cabin air and improved acoustic comfort in the cabin, thanks to its location. Bus passes to cut all around the cargo area, defined as a symmetrical line of the back. This will improve in two parts: flaps on the door handle extends from the rear tail lights, and opening the lower floor. Between the two lines, the symbol of the Lion Peugeot appears. The rear lights convey strong personality elaborate form of the model. The three elliptical light representing the different functions of the car – brake lights, indicator lights, indicators, reversing lights – is located in a triangular red glass, which continues around the side of the vehicle. The rear bumper, which contributes to a gross aspect, the pick-up, is surrounded by a party who can even protect the lights, has two projections that can be used as steps for access to the cabin and can each take a weight of 140 pounds. 

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