More Comfort, But Not Enough

Monday, August 1, 2011

Valentino Rossi had started to feel comfortable when the last time using GP11.1 Ducati at Laguna Seca on Sunday (7/24/11) or Monday (25/07/11) early morning hrs. Nevertheless, "The Doctor" confirms that Ducati have to keep working hard so they could make a bigger step forward again so competitive.

In the United States GP, Rossi could only finish in sixth place despite fighting extra hard to ride GP11.1, which is the joint between the chassis motor 2012 and 800cc engines. He is far left behind by its rivals from the Repsol Honda and Yamaha.

Although 30 seconds adrift of Casey Stoner, who won the race series to 10, the Rossi was setting in the United States was already pretty good. Only, what they produce is not kept pace with the performance of the rider in front.

"We have a problem with the front, especially when the motor is tilted. We therefore need to be modified for larger solved the problem: we'll see how long it takes," said Rossi was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

"After the Honda and Yamaha, you realize this is quite a big difference: every corner they managed to push throttle a bit earlier than what we do, and at the end of the lap, and the gap getting bigger.

"We have found a good setting here, but we must do more: the goal is to get faster and make it easier to ride the Desmosedici everyone.

"We've brought back what we could, but we hope to be faster. We have to reach 108 points: our goal is to reach 200 in the second half this season."

In the meantime the Ducati team manager, Vittoriano Guareschi, acknowledge the behavior of Bridgestone tires this year is one big part of the problem at hand. The reason, they become difficult to control the motor.

"Our motor is like catching an eel: You catch it from one side, but apart from the other side. Desmosedici can not swing, and if it could then not in a normal way," explains Guareschi to Motosprint.

"In our motors, tires Bridgestone front works differently than other motors, and our riders could not feel it.

"I do not know what they have done, or what happened, but certainly, Bridgestones tires changed this year compared with 2010: even harder, making it difficult for our bike.

"We can not understand what is different from previous times. The rider was losing grip front and shifted to the side when entering the corner, and it feels strange even though Nicky has the same setup as last year. No additions, but in fact our motors shifted to the side with no sign of the beginning.

He added, GP11.1 not improve the situation. On the contrary, the new version of the motor makes the condition worse.

"No, actually this problem even worse. You are more difficult to find a balance. But now Jeremy (Burgess) back, and we use another method of work that has brought so much success for Valentino.

"We suffered during his absence in the two previous races. Now we try to organize again a better way to face the second half of the season."

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