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Friday, July 1, 2011

Three blue container trucks lined up at the back paddock Yamaha on Saturday (06.25.11) afternoon. Busyness seems obvious, since a number of men in uniform Yamaha and out of and into the truck. They continue to prepare all the needs of the team, especially to the interests of its flagship two-rider, Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies, who at 15.00 local time will appear in the seventh race at the Circuit Assen, Netherlands.

Not just anyone can enter the container, which changed into the house. Only the mechanics, officials, and riders can enter the "hall", which is just behind the paddock, with a truck bearing the name Lorenzo and other trucks listed one name Spies.

"These trucks became a very important part for the team, while performing in a race. Therefore, there is all the teams and logistics needs of each rider," said a spokeswoman for the Yamaha MotoGP, Gavin Matheson, when explaining the function of the existence of three of the total of eight trucks.

"For every race, there were eight trucks that are taken, to accommodate 40 people in a team activity this Yamaha. Four trucks will be used for hospitality and four other trucks to meet all the needs of racing," adds Matheson.

"Well, it says the truck driver's name contains all the needs of the concerned rider, while the other truck just specific high-level officials such as Yamaha's Masao Furusawa, and Nakajima. One truck again be on the front (pointing to the location of trucks near the area of ​​race ). Meanwhile, four other trucks are used to build the hospitality, which became a gathering place and the activities of the team as a whole. "

However, not always the trucks will be part of the tour as it navigates a Yamaha MotoGP season. Because, the giant car will only operate when the last race in Europe, including as it did at Assen. The same thing happens to other teams.

"When the race took place in Asia, Australia or America, then the trucks are not taken. All needs will be neatly wrapped and packaged to the place where the race will take place. This is for cost efficiency," said Matheson.

Inside the trucks are just behind the paddock, will be filled motor spare-parts of each rider, including a second motor (each rider has two motors). Thus, if there is damage to the motor, or need to make changes in the set "iron horse", the mechanics need not look far because everything is already available in the container. Likewise, if the replacement motor should be happen.

"In preparation for a race, including during the race, there is often an accident that makes the motor is damaged. The team must move quickly to replace it. Likewise, if you have to make changes to the electrical system, or a replacement motor," explained team manager, Wilco Zeelenberg.

This scene (the trucks lined up) not only occur in the Yamaha camp. All teams will do the same, because it is so. They must have the hospitality, which was built by combining container cars (which is devoted to hospitality), making it very comfortable for the crew who joined the team as a whole supports the activity, for example there is a kitchen, dining and drinking, or meeting place.

Of course, all this requires high professionalism of a team. If only just become cheerleaders, then maybe there would not be proper preparation as did the contestants MotoGP. Because, in a season, the team will travel far.

 "You can see, everything must be professional. It will happen in all series and for every season," added Zeelenberg.

"In a season, the team will travel as far as 180,000 miles for completing a tour of Europe, 260 000 kilometers to tour Europe and America, or as a whole, will spend 150 days," adds Matheson.

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