Motegi Is On Schedule

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Positive signal about the schedule MotoGP at Motegi, Japan, although the standings leader, defending champion Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, said would not go there. According to the International Motorcycle Federation, FIM, after hearing reports investigation independent team, there is no risk of nuclear radiation as it is feared a number of riders, so the race could be done.

Previously, there were indications of a boycott of the race at Motegi, which should take place on October 2 - the results of the rescheduling. Rejection expressed by Stoner and Lorenzo, as well as support from other riders, based on the fact that there is damage to nuclear reactors in Fukushima, due to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March.

But now, the FIM and Dorna to answer the doubts of the rider. After receiving the report, they provided the following caption:

"FIM and Dorna Sports SL has recently received a report from a recognized independent body to investigate the situation in Japan, before the race at Motegi, which will take place October 2 later.

"This study is intended to complement information already available from various government reports and the World Health Organization, which discussed the general situation in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in March.

"This is an independent investigation report specifically on the situation in Motegi and its surroundings, making it much more relevant to the participants of MotoGP.

"A more detailed formal report will be given at the end of this week, but the main report can be done.

"ARPA, the agency assigned to this report, have measured radiation levels from all sources including the environment, air and food. The conclusion finally, 'based on the dose estimate can be said that no doubt about radiation risks during the race can be ignored'.

"Based on this information, the FIM and Dorna Sports will officially announce this weekend that because there is nothing serious, then the Japanese Grand Prix will take place on October 2 as planned."

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