We don't want to fight for 6th - Hayden

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not surprisingly, Ducati story that is not competitive in this 2011 season. Since the beginning of the season, the Italian team failed to show the best performance, although they have two strong riders, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

Rather than compete with its rivals for victory, Ducati duo just compete among themselves. Last place in Laguna Seca Circuit, the United States,

Shown in their own homes, Hayden maximum effort to not disappoint his supporters. However, the 2006 world champion, who twice won the U.S. Grand Prix, the Desmosedici GP11 aware that his mount could not hunt down his rivals from Honda and Yamaha teams.

Because of that, "The Kentucky Kid" want to be more realistic so that the target could be the number one Ducati rider, as happened on three of the five series he's done. Unfortunately, the former Honda rider was unable to beat Rossi, who rode GP11.1.

"I made a good start, but I could not join the second group as I expected. This is similar to that occurring at the Sachsenring: a good fight with Valentino, but 30 seconds behind the rider-rider in front," said Hayden.

Beat Rossi, the seven-time MotoGP world champion, will certainly be a consolation for Hayden, the owner of number 69. But in this fight at Laguna Seca, Hayden is difficult to do, because it turns out Rossi also tried hard to stay ahead.

"Vale is not faster than me, but he is a rider: he did not make any mistakes and give unto you," said Hayden.

"Several times I thought might be able to pass from the inside, but I will not only close their eyes and make us fall just to catch the six positions.

"People who think that Rossi isn't trying to attempt is crazy. I saw his right foot down several times when he almost fell."

After a battle for 32 laps, Hayden had to settle for finishing in seventh position. He just closed to within less than a second behind the Italian rider.

"We have two weeks to rest, regroup and go to Brno. Now is not the time to be negative. I believe in my team and Ducati, and I really think we'll still have a good season," said Hayden.

Actually, Hayden also had the opportunity to try GP11.1 during free practice on Friday. Although it feels familiar, but Hayden decided to stick with the old version of the motor, GP11, during the race.

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