Ducati Still Out of Class

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Valentino Rossi has not shown encouraging performance as desired. The results of the United States Grand Prix on Sunday (07.24.11) afternoon to give an idea of ​​how "The Doctor" and the Ducati riding competition is still far from competing for victory, so it needs to work extra hard again.

In the tenth series at Laguna Seca, Rossi won over his team mate, Nicky Hayden, in the race for sixth position. MotoGP world champion seven times is a bit lucky to achieve that result, because the Honda Gresini rider, Marco Simoncelli, crashed at the start of the race, so it automatically Rossi, who started from seventh, moved up one strip.

However, the coherence time former winner at Laguna Seca with Casey Stoner as the winner, so far, because they were 30 seconds apart. Overall too, Rossi is ranked seventh best time to record a lap in this race, and 0.847 seconds slower than Stoner.

Rossi realized, Ducati GP11.1 which is used for the fourth time since the Dutch GP June 25, not too competitive. When compared with the GP11 used in the first series in Qatar, hardly much different, because even then, Rossi could only finish in seventh and far behind Stoner, who was also a winner.

Nevertheless, the former Honda and Yamaha rider is still positive. He expects the process of change is going to continue.

"We work well on this weekend," said Rossi, who had gathered again with the crew boss, Jerry Burgess. "We started from a better position than the previous races, and I also did a good start so that it can survive with the rider in front.

"I managed to finish a lap with a time of about 1 minute 22 seconds, but then twice as hard to bend when I stepped on a bump in the curve 5 and I almost fell.

"I still have to go through a difficult race after that, because Nicky continues menempelku and not giving me the opportunity to breathe. We certainly do not want to fight fight for sixth place, but we have some problems at that time and we should try to do that best with what they have.

"We lost a lot of time when entering a corner, where I was very slow because they do not have enough flavor. But Ducati continues to work and we must stay focused and positive, making progress step by step.

"In the short term, we should be able to cut a tenth of a second in order to remain in the group (to fight for fourth position) Spies, Sic and Dovizioso. Then we will think about other people."

In the battle for 32 laps, Rossi just less than a second ahead of Hayden, who use the Ducati GP11. This makes the team manager rider Vittoriano Guareschi Italian judge is able to make improvements during the weekend, so that in the race he could be more comfortable.

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