Still Gratefull in 3rd Position - Stoner

Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Stoner not only failed to become champion in MotoGP Germany because he lost the second position after passes by Jorge Lorenzo in the final corner. Beyond the disappointment that he was still grateful to be able points and stay on top of the standings.

Starting the race from pole position, Stoner lost his position after overtake by Dani Pedrosa. Just a few yards ahead of the finish line back down the order to number three after overtaken Jorge Lorenzo in the final corner.

Recognized Stoner, the race went smoothly for him not because he encountered many obstacles. One of the problems facing are related to efforts to maintain the temperature of the tire.

"At the beginning of the race we felt if we wanted to heat the tires slowly and not make it overheat like when at Mugello. So I was a little slack, and will press the point where I felt I was faster," Stoner said on ABC.

"I tried to grab the front position, continued to press for a few laps and realized that ... very difficult to take advantage and then finally decided to slightly reduce the speed. I have the speed there, but not with confidence," continued the driver from Australia it.

Despite failing to become champion and runner-up losing position, Stoner was quite satisfied with what he could in Germany. With the distance that continues to cut, retain the top so the most important thing for him now.

"I'm still leading the championship and I am grateful for the points that I can today," he finished in the official MotoGP website.

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