Rossi Dilemma on Ducati

Monday, July 18, 2011

Valentino Rossi is in a dilemma between Ducati GP11.1 keep using or re-use old machines GP11. The results of the German Grand Prix on Sunday (17.07.11), makes "The Doctor" should re-think to pull back his statement about his desire to switch back to the GP11 at Laguna Seca, on the weekend.

After getting poor results in qualifying sessions at the Sachsenring circuit, where he had only been in position 16, Rossi clearly say that the performance GP11.1, which have been used in the last three series, not as expected. In fact, the motor is a combination of the chassis 2012 and the 800cc engine has become one of the solutions to help Rossi, who had difficulty since the beginning of the season. In fact, it was very difficult Rossi.

Therefore, seven times MotoGP world champion is planning to re-use the old version of the motor, GP11. According to him, the old machine it would be better to fight in Laguna Seca, on 24 July, compared with the motor now.

However, a number of setting changes on the "iron horse" was her within one night, plus the results of the transformation on heating session before the race at the Sachsenring, making Rossi became indecisive with what's already been said. The reason, GP11.1 performance becomes better, so he could finish in race nine on the ninth series. As a result, the current nine-time world champion racing bike feel more confident with the potential GP11.1.

"On Saturday night, I'm sure (use old machines at Laguna Seca), but seeing how I'm here, so we have to think about it," said Rossi was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

"In the morning (the race), we made substantial modifications, which we've never done before: the difference in weight balance, with more weight shifts toward the back, so I have more grip in the rear. It makes me be more race faster when diving.

"We have improved, but we've always been too far away from other riders. Overall, the bad news that we get is that the GP 11's (teammate Nicky) Hayden GP 11.1 and mine more or less equal, while we expect GP11.1 will be more quickly.

"I have a problem with the front, but I do not have a mechanical - because Jerry Burgess has not been able to be there - and I do not know what to suggest anything. It's up to Ducati to find answers. As far as I know, they are seriously thinking about it. Even possible about the use of a smaller front fork. "

Admittedly, since the beginning of the season Rossi had great difficulty to conquer the Ducati. As a result, the former Honda and Yamaha rider has never won one victory, and now lags behind 70 points from standings leader, Casey Stoner. Nevertheless, Rossi stated its commitment to remain faithful to defend the Ducati, who recruited him this season.

When asked about his future with the Italian manufacturer, Rossi, who previously won the world title with Honda and Yamaha, said: "I've answered, that 'I think so', which means that it seems logical for me to survive here."

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