Pedrosa Still in Pain During Laguna Seca Race

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dani Pedrosa left behind from the competition in the U.S. and be content with third position. Fitness issues are still twisting the Spanish Honda rider.

In a race that took place at the Laguna Seca circuit, Pedrosa had long been in second place, stick to the race leader, Jorge Lorenzo.

But slowly Lorenzo and Pedrosa failed to keep pace began to lag. Pedrosa was even followed by Casey Stoner, who later emerged as champion after after Lorenzo.

"I am very happy with this podium, the second one after I return from injury," Pedrosa commented on the results of the race, as quoted by Autosport.

"I can not predict the outcome of this before coming to Laguna Seca because I know it will be difficult for me physically. Can be keeping pace with Jorge and Casey in the two races is just fine," he explained.

According to Pedrosa, second half of the race very physical torture. Because the collarbone injury he suffered has not completely recovered, then Pedrosa was resigned to failure to compete to be champions.

"Today, in the middle of the race, I was very tired, almost gave up. My left arm is not strong enough, and on tracks like this, you can not rest, so I have received have scattered," said Pedrosa.

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