Japanese GP Fate Will Be Determinate on 31 July

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dorna will soon make a decision about the fate of the Japanese GP. The holder of the MotoGP motorcycle racing broadcasting rights will be done in late July to determine whether the race of the season could be implemented or not.

Indeed, the race at Motegi Circuit held on 24 April. However, because of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year, making the Japanese Grand Prix Dorna reschedule so delayed on 2 October.

However, other problems arise, namely a large number of riders are reluctant to go to Japan. Because they are afraid of nuclear radiation in the country, following damage to nuclear reactors in Fukushima, a distance not too far from Motegi. Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, including riders who refuse to go to Motegi, although local government has given assurance of salvation.

Therefore, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta appoint an independent body to investigate safety if the Japanese GP was held fixed. He did not want to risk menambil about it (safety).

"In principle, we had several meetings with the drivers over the last few races," said Ezpeleta told BBC television.

"Maybe three previous races they've asked for it and we decided to conduct a joint investigation of a private institution. We've done it; since last week they did an investigation there.

"We'll get the results on July 24, with a review of the results at 31, to confirm whether radiation levels in there to cause problems or not. This is the situation, we agree with the FIM and the people Motegi, and it all depends on the outcome of this , whether we go or not. "

Ezpeleta also said that the continuation of the race at Motegi, it depends on the teams of contestants, instead of Dorna. It is they who will decide whether the rider may go to Japan.

"This is a problem, but it's not my problem," he added. "We have an agreement with Motegi to make the race can be done. If the number of teams have an agreement with the rider, then it's up to them to decide whether to go to Japan or not. We do not consider it. If the good results of the investigation, then the race will be done .

"I'm not sure all riders have the same opinion, because there may be under pressure, but again it is not our problem, but the team."

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