Why Salvage Your Vehicle and When Used Auto and Truck Parts Make Sense

Sunday, August 14, 2011

by: Rob Koepp

There are many situations to consider in which salvaging your vehicle makes sense or even dollars and cents:

1. It may have been in an accident and your insurance company is writing it off.

2. The cost to repair it far exceeds the value of the vehicle.

3. The trade in value is so low it does not merit the effort.

4. You can’t find a buyer or anyone to “take it off your hands”.

5. Trying to sell it on your own is not worth the hassle or trouble trying to find someone who can use it.

6. It may have been a long standing problem for you and you do not want to pass a “lemon” onto someone else.

7. It may have been sitting so long that it does not run and is simply taking up space in your garage or even worse in your yard becoming an eye sore for the neighborhood and an embarrassment to you.

8. It is in pieces from a project that you never seemed to get around to due to time needed, money required to fix it or experience on “how to get the job done”.

These are just some of the reasons why salvaging your vehicle may be your best solution. In the hands of experienced and licensed salvage yards your useless car or truck can become useful again. Whether it is being “parted out”, gotten ready for the “crusher” to potentially use the scrap metal again somehow your vehicle can be recycled and reused. With everyone going “green” it is becoming more and more important to recycle. Having a salvage yard take your junker or clunker for its still useable parts is a great way to get rid of your problem and create opportunities for others to get inspected used auto and truck parts saving our landfills a tremendous amount of space. Basically taking your lemon and making lemonade.

These credible Salvage Yards or Auto Recycling Centers are in the business of making the best use of your used up vehicle. Some of your old vehicles parts will find themselves in other vehicles in other towns or even far away states from where you live. Many recyclers ship parts all over the country and even to other countries. They inspect, test and in some cases even warranty the used auto or truck part. Many auto repair businesses would rather work with a reputable Salvage Yard or Auto Recycler since they know the high costs for “new” parts that come from the dealerships.

Auto recyclers are in the business of buying vehicles that are no longer operational or of use to their current owners. Many of these vehicles were in auto accidents and/or “totaled out” by the insurance company because to repair them would cost more than they are worth. In these situations, many of these vehicles still have parts that are in perfect working order. The Auto Recycler dismantles the vehicle and resells all of the good parts

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