Video : GM rafts MPV in Indonesia in early 2013

Saturday, August 13, 2011

General Motors plans to assemble the MPV or also called "people mover" (PM) 7-passenger in Indonesia by investing their 150 million U.S. dollars. The number of initial production of 40,000 units per year.

MPV will be assembled at the factory of General Motors Indonesia, Pondok Ungu, Bekasi West Java. Realization to produce it began in early 2013. It was submitted by the President of General Motors Southeast Asia, Martin Apfel told reporters in Jakarta last night.

Further, the opening of this new plant will open more than 800 new jobs. In addition it will also attract domestic component supplier base and encourage the expansion of the local GM dealer network.


The reason GM opened its assembly plant in Indonesia because the rate of economic growth is very dynamic. "Later, Indonesia is the largest car marketed in Southeast Asia. Therefore, we should be able to go faster and go contribute to the development of Indonesia's automotive industry. We want to strengthen our business here, "explains Martin Apfel.

Investment is needed to revitalize the plant that has been idle long enough and the installation of assembly equipment and new infrastructure. "This includes training for setting standards of quality vehicles are manufactured and quality components from suppliers. This will improve the ability of local teknilk. We will also perform localization of certain components, "continued the man from Germany.

Although originally just called "people mover" and then explained again to PM7, both Martin and Marcos Purty president of General Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (GMIM) and General Motors AutoWorld Indonesia (GMAI), did not mention details of the vehicle will be assembled. In fact, the only one who has made global MPV GM today is Orlando.

According to Martin, before announcing assemble the MPV-7 passengers in Indonesia, GMI has conducted a survey about the vehicle to some consumers. "They said it was okay and good," he explained. Not explained PM7 selling price would be.

"Price is one of our benchmark. Especially for Indonesia to compete in the marketplace, "he added. For additional information, Orlando dimensions and features similar to the Kijang Innova. MPV has been exhibited at the IIMs ago and was quite attractive consumer Indonesia.

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