Top Soccer: Ronaldo Rejects Adebayor

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks Real Madrid no longer need new striker. CR7 is quite sure if the squad of Los Blancos are qualified enough to compete next season.

In other words, Ronaldo did not seem to regard it as necessary Madrid bring back Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor. In fact, very much hope Adebayor pulled back entrenador Jose Mourinho.

Adebayor has indeed been steadily leave Manchester City after being sidelined by manager Roberto Mancini. But the 27-year attacker hopes to join the Madrid seems to be getting thinner.

Especially with the last appearing apiknya striker Jose Maria Callejon and improving the performance of Karim Benzema. "I do not think we need to bring in another striker. We are very happy with the existing players," Ronaldo said on the sidelines of Madrid's Asian tour in China.

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