Story of world's first 'bionic' dolphin and his prosthetic tail is to become Hollywood blockbuster... and it's going to be in 3D

Monday, August 8, 2011


Dolphin Tale: Winter's life will be documented in a new Hollywood movie which will be shown in the UK in October

Watching her swim through the water you would think she's like any other dolphin, doing backflips and splashing around in her pool.

But this is Winter, the world's first bionic dolphin, whose heartwarming story has inspired a Hollywood blockbuster.

At just two months old she lost her mother and her tail in a crab trap.

Splash: Winter with her prosthetic limb which took nearly two years to create

After 18 months of painstaking work, £150,000 and nearly 50 prototypes, the pair managed to create a 30 inch silicone tail.

Winter, who only wears the limb for a few hours a day, wouldn't survive in the wild and constantly needs a replacement limb as she grows.

Staff at the aquarium also spend hours massaging her muscles every day to ensure she is comfortable.

Visitors have also been inspired by Winter and a number of servicemen who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan have benefited from the work done by Mr Carroll.

Because Winter's skin is so sensitive, a special gel had to be created so that the fake limb wouldn't irritate her.

The gel has been so successful it is now being used for humans too.

A member of staff at the aquarium shows off the fake limb which moves along with Winter's spine

Brian Kolfage, who lost both legs and his right hand in Iraq, had such a severe reaction to the fake limbs he was unable to use them. But because of the breakthrough cream he is now able to walk again.

Young children visiting Winter are also inspired and find the courage to deal with their own deformities after meeting the inspirational dolphin.

Hannah Jenkins, 12, who was born without a left hand and forearm, said Winter helped her realise she too could survive.

Winter may never be the most elegant dolphin but, as she splashes about in the aquarium, it is safe to say that she probably doesn't care.

Dolphin Tale, directed by Charles Martin Smith, will be released in the UK in 3D this October.

Dolphin Tale 3D.

source: dailymail

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