Stoner and Rossi View Of 1000cc Bike

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner dismissed the notion that the speed is too high the motor will make MotoGP 2012 1.000cc too dangerous. According to these two drivers, a new generation of top speed motor, which is predicted to approach 220 mph or 354.05568 km / h, no problem.

Defending champion Jorge Lorenzo said he anticipates a top speed around the track quickly with a long trajectory as Qatar, Mugello and Catalunya, can reach 350 km / h (217 mph). That he declared after making his debut with the YZR-M1 1.000cc in Brno, Czech Republic, on Monday (08.15.11).

Previously, four-stroke 990cc engine abolished and replaced with a 800cc in 2007 which lasted until now. The decision was made for safety reasons, because it feared the speed of the engine (990cc) could exceed the limits, and on certain tracks reach the fence parameters.

However, capacitance 800cc engine is smaller it would not improve safety. In fact, it often happens in the race because of accidents remains high speeds when entering corners.

Therefore, Rossi said he was not too concerned with top speed 1.000cc machines, which have been tried with Ducati.

"When I tried this bike at Mugello, when I came to the end of a straight line, I laughed. It's very fast, but I think it does not matter. Perhaps we are close to the limit at 350 km / h, but not much has changed. What is more changed much is the acceleration of the bend. "

Stoner also revealed a similar thing. 2011 MotoGP standings leader minimize the risk of motor 1.000cc that speed can reach 210 mph.

So far, the highest speed in MotoGP in Mugello in 2009, when Dani Pedrosa in 800cc RC212V engine phenomenal top reach speeds of 349,288 km / h (217.03 mph). What do the Repsol Honda rider was faster than the highest speed ever on 990cc machines, namely 215.86 mph, which is done by Ducati of Loris Capirossi during winter testing at Catalunya in 2004.

Stoner, who occupy top positions in the official practice at Brno this to say, not always true in the past the theory which says that the speed is too high will cause a very big danger.

"With a 800cc, in fact more dangerous when it hit the wall, compared with 1.000cc. You have to brake earlier with a higher engine speed and I think, it is not too dangerous."

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