Soccer News - Although being Criticized, Mourinho Will Not Apologize

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Jose Mourinho will not apologize and he determined to defend Real Madrid."

Entrenador Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho's reluctance to apologize for the incident that occurred in the second leg of Spanish Super Cup ago. Mourinho widely criticized after engaging feud with Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova.

Towards the end of the game, when players and officials of both teams almost clashed, Mourinho caught camera pinching Tito Vilanova who participated in the crowd. Mourinho action itself gets a slap from Tito replies.

After the incident, Mourinho directly battered criticism. But its is not Mourinho if there is no controversial . The Spaniard through his spokesman Eladio Parames, reluctantly apologized for the incident. "Jose will not apologize and he determined to defend Real Madrid," said Parames to Ansa.

Earlier rumors had circulated if Mourinho will apologize for the incident after several prominent critics of football in Spain. But his spokesman's statement clearly describes the attitude of Mourinho.

According to the spokesman, Mourinho admitted today that he had been provoked by the sounds that came off the bench Barcelona. The game itself Barca eventually won by a score of 3-2 (aggregate 5-4). (sj)

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