Rossi Aim For Podium Finish

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Valentino Rossi and Ducati have not shown promising performance as expected when it entered the 2011 season this early. However, after passing through the first half and did a number of development, "The Doctor" began to look more optimistic face the rest of the Moto GP season.

Is the performance of the Desmosedici GP11.1 at Circuit Brno, Czech Republic, at the weekend that make Rossi a little indulgence in her self-confidence. Seven-time world champion admitted Moto GP, changes to the new front-end Italian squad that made him consistently closer to the leading rider. Thus, it was possible he had a chance on the podium again.

Indeed, until the 11th series, Rossi had only one podium finishes at Le Mans, France, in May. However, success was more due to luck as a result of two riders in front of Dani Pedrosa and Marco Simoncelli, involved an accident.

Frustrated with the performance of GP11, Rossi turned to GP11.1 which is a chassis transplant motor 2012 with 800 cc engine. Apparently, the change did not provide a significant change because Rossi is still complaining about the front-end which makes it difficult when entering a corner, as well as out.

Continue to make modifications, Ducati gave new front-end when appearing in Brno. The result, Rossi felt more comfortable, especially when entering the braking zone and into the corner. As a result, nine-time world champion motor racing could be in the order of six qualifying-best outcome for his debut with Ducati, and finish in the same position during the race.

However, it is more encouraging is that Rossi was not too far adrift with Repsol Honda rider, Casey Stoner, who won the race 22 laps. This time, he "only" 12.6 seconds left. A very rapid progress when compared with the results at Laguna Seca, United States (July 24). Despite the time he finished sixth, with Stoner the gap reached more than 30 seconds.

"I am quite happy with this result because we made a step forward. We continue to advance as early as Saturday morning during free practice on a wet circuit (Rossi in third) and dry circuit (during qualifying), and also the speed during the race. I'm happy because Ducati very smart and made some minor modifications, and changes are much increased my feelings towards the front so that the braking, corner entry, and the use of the front tires, the current situation is getting better. "

"I started the race with a target to fight against the rider in front. But alas, I did a bad start and we made a mistake in the procedure for the tires warm up. I was in trouble in the first two laps, and I do not quite have the traction tires good that lost more than two seconds on the first three laps. Once in a great condition, I have a chance to get closer to the podium. "

"We must keep working to make improvements for all Yamaha and Honda rider is very strong. Now it seems we're getting closer, and it was more normal position. Compared with the Laguna, a distance in front is much less, and I gave up on the last two laps. If not, then I probably left 10 seconds, not 30 seconds like when we use this bike (GP11.1). If you omit Stoner, then I'm not too far from the podium so we know that the work performed during this already showing progress. "

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