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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Programs that I introduce in this post, can be categorized as an alternative to Adsense referral that has been "dead", but this is not a CPC program. His name is Revresponse an ad network (Ad Network) who do not pay you for each click that occurs (because he's not a PPC), but you will pay at least $ 1.5 to $ 20 for every person who subscribed to Free magazine and other magazines on offer there.

Revresponse have a high level of flexibility, because in advertising our product in the given freedom, ie it may use an ad format for our blogs, RSS feeds, email or any service that we have. Target all you need to sign up or sometimes also need to download the products supplied by the company as an advertiser Revresponse free. And if all goes well, then we get $ 1.5 for every sign up.

Other ad networks (Ad Networks) are generally only focus on some niche product, but not for RevResponse, after wandering there, I found many industrial skali the Advertiser there with a lot of niche, namely:

Agriculture, Automotive, Biotech and Pharmaceutical, Computers, Construction, Education, Engineering, Executive and Management, Finance, Food and Beverage, Government, Health Care, Human Resources, Industrial and Manufacturing, Internet, Information Technolgy, IT – Data Management, IT – Security, IT – Software and Development, IT – Storage, Insurance, Mechanical/Machine, Meetings and Travel, Multimedia, Network/Communications, Purchasing and Procurement, Retail, Sales and Marketing, Small and Medium Business, Telecom and Wireless, Trade/Professional Services, Transportation and Logistics, Utility and Energy.

A lot is not it?

What is the value of more than Revresponse?

The advantages of the most obvious and lucrative than RevResponse is our objective will not need to spend money SEPERPUN (ie if you use my referral to sign up or download) as it is not Pay Per Sale ad, you only need to download the product or subscription, with a lot of categories can be selected. And I can money if you mensign up and download and subscribe there.

Method of payment?

Revresponse using 2 methods of payment, that is through check and Paypal. By default payment set by check, but can be changed through Paypal. And payment will be sent 45 days after the end of the month with a minimum payout of $ 50.

Revresponse also have an affiliate program loh!

Revresponse also have an affiliate program, where every visitor / targets using refferral link us, then we got a bonus of 20% of our revenue refferral 6 months.

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