Great Result From Dovi and Simoncelli, Despite Uncertainty for 2012

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Italian rider, Andrea Dovizioso and Casey Stoner, Marco Simoncelli escort at the podium MotoGP Brno. The two Honda riders who had not even clear his fate for the upcoming 2012 season.

"I had many battles with Marco over the years and that's why I try to avoid it right behind me on the last lap, he could be a 'customer' is hard on the final bend. Starting from seventh place and fight for the podium is not easy. I tried to stay with Stoner, but I made a big mistake on the brakes. I lifted the rear wheel off the ground twice, and I do not think I would get past the next corner. That was enough for him to go, "said Dovi after the race was quoted as saying at GPone.

After left by Stoner and got rid of Jorge Lorenzo, Dovizioso preoccupied by the resistance of the Super Sic. On the last lap, riders who next year will reportedly join the LCR team that managed to make the distance to secure the runner-up.

"I am very happy with this result, due to start in seventh position. I worked very hard at practice, so it became so competitive during the race," said Dovizioso, after the race.

According Dovizioso, he did a very good start and fight with Lorenzo and Simoncelli in earlier rounds.

In the fifth round, but Dovizioso was overtaking Lorenzo Yamaha back pass in the ninth inning.

In the eleventh round, Dovizioso and Simoncelli successively managed to overtake world champion Lorenzo because it is too wide when cornering. Managed to maintain his lead over Dovizioso and Lorenzo Simoncelli until the finish line.

These results make attenuate catch from Lorenzo Dovizioso, who finished second, from 30 points to 23 points.

"I have a small margin above the other, and with five laps remaining I was able to open a little gap on them. I am very strong in some of the first corner. And I can control the pace without taking risks. It makes me a bit too long to get Lorenzo, but he was better on acceleration and I could not quite close on braking, "said Dovi.

Meanwhile, although once again losing fight with Dovi but Simoncelli was deeply pleased with his first podium in the top class.

"Very relieved to get past the finish line today. I think the race will never end. This is an important result for me, and it shows that I can also do well on (day) Sunday. This has reduced some of the pressure from my shoulders and gave me some assurance. Overtaking is fun and I thought I could catch Dovizioso, but in the closing laps he increased the speed and I choose not to take risks. I'm just trying to stay calm and avoid mistakes, because the podium was enough for me today, "said Sic relief.

"The results are fantastic. This year I do a great step and become faster than last year, but the result is still the same today. I always have a chance. But for some reason, I actually miss that opportunity," said Simoncelli.

Simoncelli said he did not get your hopes there is a breakthrough in the Brno Circuit, after finding out just got a fifth starting position. Moreover, the bike is in good condition.

"However, the feeling will be some improvement and my motorcycle to work properly. So today I'm excited," said 24-year-old Italian rider was.
These results make Simoncelli up to eight positions standings with 76 points, ahead of Colin Edwards, who had previously been in it.

There are similarities between Dovi and Simoncelli for the affairs of the fate of next year. Until now they have not got a new contract with HRC. Most important of certainty whether they will still be supported in full by the manufacturer despite being in a satellite team.

"This is an important result given the year 2012 Honda (still) always believed in me, and I showed that I could bring home the results. I'll try when I have a 1000cc motor signature of the contract, which is expected to happen before December, "Simoncelli said in a tone slightly joking but it implies an uncertainty.

"Honda is still not completed their budgets for next year. I think their intention is to continue to support me and Simoncelli, but we need to see how the rules are, "Dovi added

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