Ducati 800cc Mistery; Deceived by Stoner Achievement ?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jeremy Burgess had criticized the Ducati which he said had only reflect on successes and learn from mistakes is less. If listening to travel stories, especially in the era of the Ducati MotoGP 800cc, these critics have a point. There is an impression that has been fooled by the results Ducati inscribed by Casey Stoner.

800cc Ducati came into use in the 2007 season MotoGP as regulatory changes. Casey Stoner ducati started being with the team this season. He appeared surprised by the immediate victory in the series premiere at the Losail circuit, Qatar. Total of ten victories he achieved that season. Enough to take him to the throne of the world champion.

The Success of Casey quickly made the Ducati conclude that they've got a tough motorcycle. The key is to find a similar rider Stoner: Young and aggressive. So do not be surprised if soon Loris Capirossi being removed, who have been together since the first plunge Ducati in MotoGP in 2003 - to look for another team.

Marco Melandri was chosen based on criteria. On paper, it makes clear Melandri with Ducati criteria: young, aggressive, and of course an Italian rider. Stoner truly make a success with pride, but pride would be more perfect if it did it was from Italian rider too.

Unfortunately the reality is very far from the expectation. Macio were really a total failure with Ducati. Not even he could feel the podium. His best result was finishing the fifth when the race takes place in wet conditions at Circuit Shanghai, China.

While Casey Stoner's achievement is much better though not successfully maintain the title of champion. Ducati fooled again. They are not too think that there is something wrong with the bike. They prefer to find a replacement for Melandri.

Nicky Hayden then came to fill the position left by Melandri, a decision that was reportedly taken after Ducati failed to woo Marco Simoncelli who then choose to survive in the 250cc class.

Hayden appearance on the GP9 is better than Melandri with GP8. At least The Kentucky Kid felt the podium. Although, again, Stoner's achievement is far better, even with his absent for three consecutive series.

In the 2009 season began a blowing news between Stoner-Ducati, Stoner, especially after the controversial decision to be absent for three series on the grounds that he suffered a mysterious illness cure.

The next year, the Ducati seems to be developing the motor with more approach to the style of racing Hayden. Proven in the series early, Stoner began to fuss with the GP10. While Nicky had several times to perform better and finish ahead of Stoner. Although it ultimately remains a dedicated Casey podium earlier.

And when Hayden success on the podium in MotoGP Aragon, Stoner back a step further by successfully offering the first win for Ducati in the 2010 season. Only, the problems that plagued the Ducati is still not resolved. after a series of Aragon, both Hayden and Stoner still turns in an accident. Instability in the front (front-end problems) was mentioned as a major problem when it's Ducati and even suspected to have existed since the previous seasons.

Stoner achievement on the Ducati was also time to outwit Jeremy Burgess. When he first announced it would take Rossi to Ducati, Jerry safely say that his new job with the Ducati will be lighter than when he first came to the Yamaha.

The assumption is clear, Yamaha in 2003 (before Rossi coming), not a champion motorcycle. Not even a single win the M1 rider rider managed to achieve. Whereas in 2010, Ducati had won at least several podium and some series point.

An assumption that ultimately proved to be wrong. Halfway through the 2011 season, the new Rossi's best achievement was 3rd on the podium. Certainly very far when compared with the results of The Doctor inscribed with Yamaha in 2004.

Why so?

Problems that plagued the Ducati with Yamaha very opposite. M1 less power but is stable while the Desmosedici has great power but is very unstable.

In 2004, the YZR-M1 certainly not as good as the version in the following years. But with the stability it has, Rossi is confident to pushed to the limit (M1 Rossi and his own). While the instability Ducati, Rossi admitted not having enough confidence to bring it to near the limit.

Is this mean that Stoner better than Rossi?

Rossi and Stoner had a different approach about to adapt a motorbike. Stoner did not have the ability to provide data to the crew and the engineers as much detail as Rossi, but he has other skills. Casey is more open to adapt to the bike.

Until now, Stoner almost became the only rider ever bring Ducati 800cc to the top of the podium. The only victory is not achieved Ducati 800cc powered by Capirex at Motegi MotoGP 2007.

The bad effect, he often had an accident. In addition, motor problems are real, rather difficult to detect because it had already been fooled Stoner achievements for Ducati team.

Rossi did not want that. He prefers to try hard to cure Ducati diseases. Although that means he must be willing to lag behind its competitors. Sooner or later the disease could be overcome and yes of course depends on the type of disease and who handle it.

Rossi said the motor does not mean he's as an engineer or mechanic. He's still a racer. Only the excess Rossi is able to provide more detailed input than any other rider. The rest is still the task of the engineers to implement a solution through a variety of component updates. As with Yamaha did on development directly fit with Rossi, unfortunately with the Ducati that has not happened so it must be done repeatedly.

It is not true also if there is a presumption for four years with Stoner, Ducati does not make the development of the motor at all. If so, then Filippo Preziosi and the entire staff of Ducati's will be just sleeping. Perhaps more accurately be said if before the arrival of Rossi, Ducati develops motor with no (or little) input from the user (rider).

What if until the end of the season, Rossi has been unable to achieve victory? Why develop a motorcycle with some difficulty if the bike will only be used until the end of the 2011 season?

MotoGP is a prototype race bike. A race that is intended to raise the prestige manufacturers. Here's genius and manufacturer of existence at stake. Even if 800cc engines will put away after race in Valencia, Ducati seems will strive to provide a best achievement for its racer to be competitive. After all, it has been tricked by installing a 800cc engine on a GP12. At least, the development will not be wasted because it can be implemented on a prototype motor for the upcoming season.

If this year's 800cc Ducati unable mystery solved, the 2012 season with the new regulations is waiting for 1000cc. Based on experience, Ducati in the previous era is not as mysterious 800cc 1000cc.

If that fails, too?

Maybe Valentino was not paired with Ducati. In Italy there are rumors at this time Rossi will reportedly form his own team with the whole crew led by Burgess. Rumors also said Rossi is likely to use Honda engines with the development of its own (not the version HRC) with Red Bull as a funder. Of course this rumor quickly denied by the Ducati.

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