Top MotoGP Rider Reluctant To Go To Japan

Monday, July 18, 2011

MotoGP race in Japan in danger without a number of top riders. The reason, Casey Stoner and a few riders expressed their reluctance to perform at Motegi Circuit in fear of nuclear radiation that occurs at the "Sakura" is.

As per calendar 2011, the Japanese GP should take place on 24 April. But the schedule should be changed and shifted to October 2, following the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year.

Apparently, the impact of natural disasters continued very dangerous. Severe damage contributed to the leakage of a nuclear power station in Fukushima, about 110 miles from the Motegi Circuit, which is the headquarters of the Honda team.

This is what makes Stoner scared and insecure to compete in Motegi. Repsol Honda rider became the first person to express his reluctance, even though the Japanese government insisted that the area is safe.

Meanwhile, riders such as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, had already said similar things about what happened in Japan. That they put the time of the Catalan Grand Prix in June.

"I will not go," said Stoner, who now leads the standings.

"It took me a long time, though not for Jorge, but has already made this decision, and I will not go there. I am sure, most riders have the same opinion. That's my decision and I think it is up to the organizing committee to find out what will happen. "

"We have discussed it (with the Honda team), but did not continue because people are waiting for different things. They know my position now and if they think I'll change my mind, I do not know. This is something we should be doing.

"If there is no race there, then there can be no punishment. But I will not lose anything, because I've decided. This does not mean we do not support the Japanese."

Stoner's teammate, Dani Pedrosa, also revealed a similar thing. According to the Spanish rider, this situation has been discussed by a number of riders.

"This situation is not clear, and most riders do not want to go, so we consider the possibility of what can be done," he said.

Lorenzo, who said in Barcelona in June that he was not sure about safety at Motegi, and do not trust the safety information provided by the government, affirming that his mind has not changed.

"This is a decision a long time and I have the same position," said the Yamaha rider. "So I was not active (in the discussions ongoing) about going to Japan, because I've made a decision."

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