Stoner Pessimis In The Beginning at Laguna Seca

Monday, July 25, 2011

Casey Stoner had predicted would fight hard in the U.S. MotoGP. But along with the course of the race, pessimism continues to erode and turned to optimism.

After the qualifying session on Sunday (24/07/2011) pm dawn, Stoner predicts that he will have difficulty performing in the race on Monday (25/07/2011) pm dawn.

However, the Honda rider was starting to find improved performance after playing in the warm-up session. At that time he felt very relaxed as no-load.

"To be honest when I felt very relaxed, the first after so long. We had a difficult weekend, but in our warm-up session to find something and think they can compete. Yesterday we even have to try very hard to be there in the future," said Stoner in Autosport.

Stoner later admitted that at the beginning of the U.S. MotoGP race itself is still very difficult. However, he remains patient and keep trying to race.

"At the beginning of the race I was very difficult. I tried to be patient, I'm calm, I know they (Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo) will not widen the distance and I still got something."

"But at the beginning of the race I was really hard to make the bike turn and get the rate I want," he admits.

Stoner then made a breakthrough when the race was run more than half. If he had looked threatening in the top three Pedrosa, Stoner suddenly passed. Not only that, with slick he can then bloat Lorenzo on lap-lap final.

"Lap after lap, when the fuel started coming out, I'm getting better. I saw Dani little trouble and decided to pass because we lost time from Jorge."

"Then when I started to get closer Jorge, I want to continue to stick it to see the situation. Then we knew we still had a rate more than is owned by Jorge and we decided to come forward and see what happens," concluded Stoner.

What happens then is passed Stoner Lorenzo to be a winner at Laguna Seca, while continuing to fester in the top of the standings as well as increasing the distance of closest pursuers.

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