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Friday, July 1, 2011

Casey Stoner former Ducati provide a statement why Valentino Rossi at the start of this season joining Ducati. According to the Australian riders, Rossi was an Italian team in the squad just because he decided to move to Honda.

Stoner, the 2007 world champion, spent four years at Ducati, before moving to Honda at the end of 2010. During the red suit that became the color of greatness Ducati, Stoner recorded 23 victories and world titles offered to the team.

But the end of last season, Stoner decided to leave. Because of that, Rossi was recruited by Ducati team based in Bologna is, for the sake of continuing their toughness performance. Unfortunately, until the seventh MotoGP 2011, Rossi did not improve performance because the motor is not competitive.

Actually, the news that Rossi will move to Ducati has appeared for several years before. But according to Stoner, the rumors became reality because he decided to leave.

"Valentino came only because I did not renew the contract. His decision depends on me. I went and they contacted him," said Stoner told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Stoner acknowledges that the staff are already working with, not pleased with his decision. However, not all of them (staff) are disappointed.

"Not the staff, but people at high levels, maybe some sponsors too. They think Valentino will give you great results."

He also admitted that his relationship with the Italian factory team is out of sync again. This happens because he missed some races due to a mysterious illness in 2009.

"In recent years, relations with the factory no longer warm. With people at the track, with a team trials, everything perfect. It could be said that there are some problems with the boss management.

"When I have problems (with health), I realized that there was no sense of kinship as before. I am facing a problem and they did not help. Conversely, the people behind the bike is very special."

Stoner added: "I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me, but I also wish there was a bit of praise from them for of my efforts. The first two years, I was with the company, while the other two season, I just with Filippo (Preziosi) and his crew .

"I've created a program to end career there, but when I understood that to stay there instead of my dreams, I try to be realistic, that is actually my dream to race for Honda."

Apparently, Stoner happy with his decision. Because, at the Honda he felt more relaxed so they can better focus for the race.

"Very different. With the Honda, I am more relaxed. Unlike the Ducati, Japanese people think about race more than appearance."

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