Losing Grip Was Stoner Issued at Mugello

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dominant from the start and had the lead away, even Casey Stoner could only number three on the podium. What makes Repsol Honda rider had failed to win the Italian GP on Sunday (03.07.11)?

According to the 2007 world champion, the tire pressure becomes a major issue, which enabled him overtaken by the Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and his team mate, Andrea Dovizioso. As a result, on lap 17 the maximum speed can not anymore, so he was followed by Lorenzo, Dovizioso before finally defeated in the last lap.

"I am somewhat disappointed with this race," Stoner said. "I think myself and the potential for larger motors. The motor that we had during qualifying yesterday afternoon, very nice, and we are glad that everything worked fine.

"At the time of warm-up, we realized that in every lap, the tire temperature rises and we lose grip. So, we wanted to do something to try to get a bit of grip during the race. But we are recommended to keep using the same tire pressure, as when warm-up, and it is clear that there are large temperature differences.

"Apparently, before half of the race, my grip already gone and the temperature continues to rise, so I started trouble. When entering a corner it was increasingly slow pace at.

"It's really devastated because I could not reach the limit. I lost a lot of time when entering the turn. So, I decided to slow down and could only see what I can do when they come after me. But when they could catch up, I can not do anything to get up. "

"I did everything I could," said Stoner after the race, told BBC Sport.

"The pressure in the tires up too high and I then lost grip at the rear tires. You can not do anything without the existence of it (grip)," added the Australian racer.

"I'm trying to maintain speed, but my bike is too slow," says the 2007 MotoGP world champion.

Failure on the podium the number one makes the distance Stoner Lorenzo became close again from 28 before the race to just 19 points. Nevertheless, the former Ducati rider is still optimistic, result in Mugello this is not the end.

"Honestly, this is a day that makes me a little frustrated, but we will rise again after this," he said. "Sachsenring is a good track for us, so we are looking forward to racing there."

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