GP11.1 Need More Improvement

Monday, July 4, 2011

Valentino Rossi confirmed, Ducati have made ​a number of new improvement to be more competitive and compete for the podium. According to "The Doctor", the use of the Desmosedici GP11.1 with the transition to the chassis 2012, was fully able to solve problems faced during the beginning of the 2011 season.

Since the race at Assen, the Netherlands, Ducati made ​​the decision to use a chassis 2012 that combined with a 800cc engine. Initially it looks quite promising, so Rossi could be in the order of four Dutch GP. But at Mugello last weekend, Rossi looks very difficult to compensate for its rivals are in front and he had to settle for finishing sixth.

"I think the problem is very clear, and we must work harder - to fix this motor setup, and also do something else in order to make a bigger step," said Rossi.

"The new motor there is a change in the back and it worked fine. But the front is still the same, so we need something."

Seven times MotoGP world champion added: "The problem in the braking and corner entry, still the same - I do not have enough flavor on the front to go as I want. In the sections that quickly, I also lost a lot of time.

"So, we must work to set the motor and also on the software. Not only that, we must also work on hardware. Thus, we immediately have to do more to tackle the problem on the front."

Difficulty Rossi at Mugello circuit has seen since the qualifying session, where he was only able to be in the order of 12. Nevertheless, the local hero, who had seven consecutive wins here (from 2002-2008), capable of fighting to improve his position to finish in sixth.

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