Ferrari's Alonso expects to confront Red Bull

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Spaniard drove his improving Ferrari to second position at the Nurburgring, while Vettel was fourth.

"We have been first or second in the last three races, with three different types of circuits and temperatures.

"We saw our constancy and it puts us in a very good position for the final part of the championship," said Alonso.
Alonso trails Vettel by 86 points but the Ferrari driver is positive the gap can be closed - particularly with McLaren mounting a strong defy and collecting their third victory of the season through Lewis Hamilton in Germany.

The next round of the season is in Hungary and Alonso feels his car will advantage from the warmer climate.

He added: "I am looking forward. With a little bit more temperature in the track at Budapest it will be a help for us.

"Soft and super soft tyres for next week should be an benefit for us in the way we take care of our tyres. So in one week I am sure we will have a very attractive race again.

"McLaren did a step forward and is prepared to take victories. When there is more competition, you need to take races in a different way, you need to be ideal in all things: the start, the pit stops, qualifying etc.

"We have a small chance to get well the gap in the championship, if we do races like today, we are on the podium and Vettel is not.

"We need the best probable performance from our team and, in my case, we need the best McLaren having the kind of race they did today - but hopefully we can be ahead.

"Red Bull will be extremely strong in Budapest as we saw last year, so it is demanding for us but we are looking forward."

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