Dog stung to death as swarm of bees chase it into owner's home

Thursday, July 14, 2011

By Daily Mail Reporter

A dog has been killed after suffering from more than 100 stings by a swarm of bees in a sustained attack when it knocked over a neighbour's hive.

Sara, the 15-month-old German Shepherd, bled to death after being set upon by the bees from a hive in a communal garden in Andover, Hampshire.

The dog belonged to former stockbroker, Keeley Connolly, 44, who found the distressed dog after it banged on the door to be let back in.

Sara, a German Black Shepherd, bled to death after being stung more than 100 times

She then had to retreat with the sick and dying dog after her lounge became filled with bees within a matter of seconds after she opened the door.

Mrs Connolly, who also had to be treated for stings, was then forced to flee her car after that too became filled with bees as she made her way to the vets.

She and some people who were passing by removed some of the swarm from the dog by hand before she could get to the vets.

After the operation, however, she continued to bleed and Mrs Connolly had to make the difficult decision to put her down.

Mrs Connolly said: 'The vet said they had never seen a dog stung so many times and survived but she made it for 72 hours and we thought she would pull through.

'During that time she was curled up as if she was ready to die. The vets would give her an iced blanket every 30 minutes and drugs to keep her temperature down.

'After two days she perked up and we were going to visit her but she suddenly got worse and needed a plasma transfusion because her blood wasn't clotting.

'After the operation we got a phone call saying it had gone well but then she got worse again and the vet said we should put her down because they didn't think she would pull through.'

Mrs Connolly's daughter, Sam, six, has been left traumatised by the death of the family's dog and her teacher has said she draws pictures of bees and Sara.

She added: 'I'm all for people keeping bees but I the keepers need to think carefully about where they are putting their hives.

'Our neighbour's hive is not fenced off and that's not acceptable in a residential area.'

Her neighbour, Ms Mowforth, remained defiant, however, saying:'It is her own inability to look after her dogs.

'One hive was moved off its concrete support by the dog - it had been banged into. The bees were not in attack mode.

'Because of the issue with the dog we now do not communicate. She allowed these dogs to be unmonitored in the communal garden. They cause a nuisance.

'It was untrained and out of control. It was a nuisance.'

'After what happened the dog shot off home. The bees are kept very discreetly. This is a campaign of harassment against me. I have not decided whether to keep the bees.'

Mrs Connolly has started a petition on Facebook following the attack for people to 'voice their protest at what has happened'.


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