Top Soccer: Barca Become Great Because Guardiola, Not Players

Monday, July 11, 2011

"All this proves that Guardiola is more important than the players," Menotti said.

Entrenador Barcelona Josep Guardiola has again received praise. This time the words of praise coming from the living legend of Argentina, Cesar Luis Menotti.

Menotti, the coach who led Argentina to World Cup champions in 1978 to assess the figure Guardiola is very unique. In fact, Menotti assess the success of Barcelona is mainly due to factors Guardiola cleverness.

Menotti had a reason for that claim. According to him, many Barcelona players are able to shine once trained Guardiola. Under the regime Guardiola, Blaugrana successfully collected three consecutive La Liga titles and two Champions League trophies.

"All this proves that Guardiola is more important than the players. Of course, he always says the opposite, but what else can he do? You do not claim you are the best Dapa," Menotti told El Pais said.

Menotti himself had been a coach at the club's Catalunya. Male 74 years is recorded as Barca coach in 1984. At that time he also brought Argentine star Diego Maradona to Camp Nou.

"Where Pique before Guardiola? Or Pedro? Busquets? Players into the phenomenon under the guidance of Guardiola. That's the truth, go crazy if I said Guardiola's success because the players had," said Menotti.

Do not stop there, Menotti then also compared between Guardiola to coach Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho. "They are conceptually similar. But still there are major differences between them, especially in the field. There are many coaches like Mourinho but nothing like Guardiola," said Menotti. (sj)

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