Stoner Not Worried of Yamaha

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Casey Stoner not too sure that Yamaha has done a big step to improve its performance so that it can beat the Repsol Honda. The results of the last two series, in which Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo could bulldoze the Honda, is not an indication to admit it.

Indeed, since the beginning of this season, Honda appeared very dominant. Successfully won a total of five series of eight series that Honda had acted, while Stoner was able to reach four wins. However, in the last two series, Yamaha is able to break the domination, starting in the success of Spies won the race at Assen, Netherlands, June 25, and the fantastic performance of Lorenzo, who conquered the Repsol Honda duo at Mugello, June 3.

Nevertheless, Stoner still firmly on top of the standings with 19 points advantage over Lorenzo, and this became an important capital to face the ninth series at Sachsenring, Germany, 17 July. 2007 world champion is still confident it can maintain its position because, according to him, the Yamaha was not too experienced remarkable progress.

"I think Jorge was just show high confidence during the race and that's the situation. I do not see the bike worked much better.'s Been a few times I was behind him and seems to be happening the same thing. I could have won the race (Mugello) and then do not look as good as what is happening now.

"People do not realize that there is a large step in between the bikes now. All of the existing motors have the ability to win and perform well. At Le Mans, Yamaha usually not competitive but this year, and then in their second and third Catalunya . So, I do not think that they are not very competitive. it depends on the confidence of each rider on the weekend and setting, but I think they will push to stay ahead. "

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