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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Race director Paul Butler responded to the criticism leveled Spaniard, Dani Pedrosa, on his handling of a controversial incident with Marco Simoncelli in Le Mans, 15 May. He said the decision already taken is the right race committee.

Pedrosa is definitely very disappointed and frustrated with the incidence of the French GP. At the time he was competitive and still recovering from a broken collarbone injury left, Pedrosa just have had the misfortune of an accident at Le Mans it.

The accident happened because Pedrosa Simoncelli nudged the back of the motorcycle, which was considered illegal because the overtaking maneuver from the outside during cornering to the left, so he (Pedrosa) crashed and broke his right collarbone. At that time they were fighting over the number two position. Due to continued, Pedrosa should be absent in the next three series, before appearing again at the Italian GP last weekend.

After attending a meeting of the Commission on Security (Safety Commission) on Friday (08.07.11), Pedrosa is still feeling dissatisfied. He continued to confront members of the race directors, Paul Butler, Franco Uncini, Claude Danis and Javier Alonso. Repsol Honda rider main complaint is, the penalty given to Simoncelli too soft, because according to Pedrosa, "Super Sic" should banned for two series.

To the MCN, Pedrosa said: "What is said is that the race directors were allowed full contact. If you like you can touch another racer and nothing happens. This is something that ridiculous.

"It's clear that he did not learn. It is clear that the race directors can not provide good security when he was riding close to you, so you have to take care of myself. Directors of the race could not give me the safety I need, so I have to take care of yourself . "

In response, Butler said that Pedrosa should be no need to recall the controversy Le Mans. He said: "Dani expressing his opinion and he's entitled to it. But so far we've been taking care of the incident.

"It is clear that Dani had plenty of time to think about it, but we've made a decision and we also follow the decision by a meeting between Team Gresini and Marco in Barcelona, ​​which we feel is important. Since then, I'm sure they've done the best to underline. I think Dani should not have to continue to feel frustrated.

"We always told the meeting that the rider must concentrate on the track and not on personal feelings. Directors of the race must make judgments that some people will not consider a black and white, but we want everything to race.

"I remember the incident at Estoril in 2006 and had to decide there at that time also. But it has been forgotten because it never referred to. To say that he would protect himself is not a very smart thing to say.

"The basis of all conversations with the drivers is, they must respect each other and if they have problems, then they should talk to each other in the paddock and not on the track."

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