Nissan Altima Hybrid Production Stop

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nissan decided to discontinue production of its hybrid sedan, Altima to the U.S. market. Although the Nissan Altima is actually just launched in 2007's last. Party considers Nissan production cars can not reach the consumer wants, in terms of prices offered to the American market.

Other factors causing the termination of this production, also due to intense competition car with the other competitors in the land of Uncle Sam. One of the production sedan competitor Nissan has a similar hybrid technology dengannnya, but the competitors are able to swing smoothly and achieve significant sales figures, which reached the range of 1 million units since its introduction, while the Altima sold 35 thousand units since its introduction 2007 ago.

In appearance as well as comfort and luxury features are presented Nissan Altima is not lost, but somehow automotive consumers in the United States less ignore the presence of the Nissan Altima in the market. Looking at sales figures from this Nissan decided to discontinue production of their first hybrid sedan in the United States. Let's wait if Nissan has a breakthrough with the existence of this?

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