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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Having had time to meet another standard, Spies finally appears as the owner of fourth place with overtake Simoncelli on the final corner before the finish line.

"It's a good race, and I fought until the end Simoncelli," Spies said in the release of the Yamaha team, told the official MotoGP website.

Spies who started the race from second place fails to maintain its position. Having found it impossible to fight the pursuit of victory, the United States racers chose to focus to overcome the pressure Simoncelli.

Spies implement strategies that require high confidence. Spies chose to let Simoncelli in front of it and map the place where he could follow the Gresini Honda rider.

"When I was no longer able to catch the drivers in front, I let it overtake Marco. I want him to pull me and I am looking for a place where I can be faster than him," said Spies.

"I let him (in front) until the last lap. On the last corner I saw him open the 'door' to overtake so I can catch up and get the fourth spot," he added.

"You learn from your mistakes. Or at least I hope so ", commented Super Sic as quoted by GPone.

"I have a good race, but from the beginning a lot of experience sliding rear tires when hot. I'm trying to stay ahead of Ben (Spies) and entered the final corner on the line tight, but he got through it better than me, "said the frizzy honest.

Overall Simoncelli satisfied what he achieved at Mugello is a positive result although certainly be further enhanced for the future.

"We still need improvement, but I would say we're on the right track. The funny thing is I always managed to finish in a tight race, rather than in the (race) that is easy, when it should be easier to control the gap, things always go wrong. "

Yet he took the podium at the inability of primary classes are also not too upset. Because at least now she felt it was able to race by using his wits.

Simoncelli later attached to the image of the driver recklessly this time does not make actions that harm other drivers. Spies was a sport praise Simoncelli.

"Marco and I have fun today. We demonstrate some good after the other. He raced very clean, so I'm very excited," Spies lid.

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