Yamaha Attract Eneos As Main Sponsor

Sunday, January 1, 2012

MotoGP Mania - The announcement was the end of the collaboration between Yamaha Factory Racing team with the Malaysian oil company, Petronas, soon lead to the assumption that the team had been unable to attract sponsors. But probably it will not be proven. Recent rumors say that in this 2012 season Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies will be sponsored by Eneous.

Attract Girls Yamaha Eneos 300x175 Eneos As Main Sponsor? Site Greek MotoGrandPrix telling it that he obtained from the CEO ENPO Hellas SA, Greece Eneos product importers, and was also confirmed by MotoMatters from secondary sources. Eneos is a Japanese brand of oil, which markets a wide range of high-end lubricant products from the Japanese giant oil company, JX Nippon.

Eneos and JX Nippon is no stranger to the world of motorsport, had sponsored the Honda F1 team and is currently partnered with a team in Japan's Super GT series but have never been involved in motorcycle racing.

Since Eneos are in direct competition with Petronas is not possible to announce the fact that Yamaha will replace Eneos Malaysian company said in a press release issued last week because of contractual obligations. An official announcement of the deal is expected to be out within one or weeks to come.

2011 season Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the MotoGP class down without a major sponsor. Early last year Masao Furusawa says it happens because Yamaha wanted to perform with the manufacturer livery to celebrate 50 years of participation in the World Grand Prix event. If Eneos really will be the main sponsor of Yamaha for the 2012 season, meaning you could say it's not just a statement Furusawa ngeles.

And also if the rumors are true, it could be we'll see Yamaha wearing orange color to replace the old blue color typical of Yamaha. Also interesting to look whether it will support Yamaha Yamalube.

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