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Monday, January 9, 2012

In 2011 Jorge Lorenzo failed to retain his champion in the primary classroom. While so many figures racing (including Valentino Rossi) praised the effort and mental toughness to face Casey Stoner.

Lorenzo Jorge Lorenzo's M1 1000 300x199: Back So PenantangFaktanya Lorenzo was only capable of sticking points, Casey. Even when I have spent the last two races (three if the race Sepang taken into account) due to an accident on the warm up session at Phillip Island, he was a solid runner-up position. Therefore many of them think if the team does not sign Stoner Repsol Honda was then Lorenzo MotoGP champion 2011.

But all the praise of course means nothing if, in fact, Jorge should lose the crown. He himself had to admit, his failure to maintain the performance not only because of the YZR-M1 is less than the RC212V but there are also elements of guilt. One of the most prominent of the accident at the British MotoGP race held at Silverstone.

Outside of his confession, in the 2011 season, especially at the beginning of the series seems to Lorenzo too tried to play it safe. Accidents and Stoner at Jerez Repsol Honda team's victory was achieved rotating between Stoner and Dani Pedrosa had made at the top of the standings.

The situation then changed after Lorenzo DNF at Silverstone. Stoner leads the standings up. Lorenzo effort to pursue the more difficult because no other drivers can be expected to block the Aussie post Pedrosa crash at Le Mans.

In this 2012 season Jorge will no longer wore the number # 1 on the bike. He now is no longer a contender and the defending champion. Hopefully, he returned to behave as a challenger as he showed in the 2009 season against The Doctor. Even if later on the performance of M1 1000cc again not comparable with the RC213V, but if X-Fuera could continue to be between Stoner and Pedrosa, he could make use of "civil war" between the two hero's HRC.

In addition, Lorenzo also should be able to break through the mental Stoner as he had done by Rossi. To the site Motomatters, Jeremy Burgess once said that what happened at Laguna Seca in 2008 it is something that the script had been prepared with cooked.

Rossi and Burgess believes that time Stoner was on the wind. He only thinks about winning and never thought someone would beat him. At that moment he must be defeated, in the most extreme ones. Burgess also had to open the card that Rossi will not appear insist such as Laguna Seca GP Catalunya 2008 or 2009 in each series. Valentino just need to do that at times terentu course, that was the moment in which his main rival was felt that the race would be his.

Can Lorenzo do the same?

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