Top Priority For Tires Bridgestone MotoGP Safety Advisor

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loris Capirossi was one of the MotoGP riders including Bridgstone tires heavily criticized performance during the 2011 season. Because of that tire problems became his first priority after being appointed by Dorna MotoGP as a security adviser.

Adviser 300x198 Capirossi Capirossi: Bridgestone Tires Top Priority For MotoGP Security Adviser "Carmelo (Ezpeleta) said 'about the tire problem, you decide, you are free to be angry', so I immediately use this power," said Capirossi told Motosprint, as quoted by Autosport.

"My meeting with people in Valencia Bridgestone's hard. I told them that certain things will not be accepted anymore: the tire is too hard and therefore too dangerous, so it must be changed. "

"The situation in 2011 tire has never been clear, so in 2012 I would choose tires for racers, which means I will do it personally: I will depart with a number of tires and pick her own."

"There are problems also with serial number: the number that you can tell when the tire was built. A tire that was built two years ago will not be able to go as fast as the one built last week. Some racers have new tires and some other old ones. That's not good, should be improved: I want the last rider could have the same possibilities to the forefront. "

Capirossi also said that his position as an outsider Dorna will also be an advantage, because it will enable it to be free from problems such as economic political compromise.

"There's something important that all people should know: I want to do what I do now in order to make life easier for drivers."

"I received a proposal Dorna with one condition: I must be given the opportunity to do things with passion and without being ruled by economic or political interests."

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