Two rating in the test gets MotoGP, Stoner Be Positive

Monday, November 28, 2011

Valencia - Valencia MotoGLinkP In the second race some time ago, Casey Stoner was second. While the first-place finish by Dani Pedrosa.
This time, Casey Stoner had to settle for the results obtained at the end of this season. However, the Repsol Honda rider has welcomed the results obtained in Valencia is positive. Dani Pedrosa has just lost an interval of 0161 seconds. Stoner said that everything went well from the first practice session. Just compare the motor is powered by a 1000cc engine that was tested earlier this year. This time, the engine performance with new tires for the 2012 season is an improvement.
While the problems he faces in his new A motor difficulties are due to the use of the front wheel when cornering. They will try to solve the problem.
"The problem we have experienced since last year, when I heard the speech and the 800cc rear
Linkwheel. We still have to improve the performance of the RC213V engine. However, we believe in the right direction to improve this situation," said Stoner.
According to Stoner, the test is positive on the whole, which ended the long season of MotoGP. After this he returned home to retire to the family and await the birth of her child.

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