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Monday, November 28, 2011

Valencia - This season, the Honda has won praise from Valentino Rossi. However, the Italian rider was determined to give his best performance in the next season with Ducati.

Repsol Honda team managed to win the series 13 of 17 races of the 2011 season. While the victory in four other series by Yamaha.

This season, Valentino Rossi was able to keep track of at least one victory in a season, because it is not capable of victory was achieved. Rossi had always managed to become world champion at least once last season since 1996.

Although the results are rather disappointing race season Rossi finished 2011 and now is the time to MotoGP in 1000 at a time, next season will be. This has seen Rossi was to gather to grips with the Valencia MotoGP and data as accurately as possible. He did not want to experience the same loss of the season.

Rossi said that at present some problems to solve, especially when it is in a corner where it was not fast enough. Rossi loses speed, while in the elbow and lose valuable time on the tour. If he and his team have overcome the problem, then you can do better steps.

"Incredible Honda, but we should be able to recover. Between now and February is a crucial moment. If you are looking after a second or more in February, after which it will be difficult to increase during the current season. Now we have to take positive steps" said Rossi.

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