Rossi Expect More Competitive in the 2012 Season

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monza - Valentino Rossi said that the 2011 season was the worst season for him. Rossi was also the desire to make his performance in the coming season to improve. He jokingly said he also hopes to send to Santa Claus at Christmas later.

Rossi had this time together Duccati season with disappointing results. Drivers who have won seven world titles in the main class is only able to get the position of seventh in the standings at the end of the season. Best finish was third place.

Stop these findings need to Rossi this season without a victory. This is the first time in his career, Rossi in the MotoGP world.

However, the Italian is now confident to tackle new challenges with a capacity of 1000cc racing Season 2012.

When the show Monza Rally, Rossi said that this season has definitely been the worst season of his career. In the next season using an engine that is completely different. He wanted to see how progress in the months Februaru 2012. Rossi hopes that the new 1000 cc engine, can make faster and more competitive.

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