Burgess Welcomes Positive New Rules Trial MotoGP

Monday, December 19, 2011

Valentino Rossi's crew boss, Jerry Burgess, happy with the new rules about MotoGP check, in which no more restrictions. Thus, the Ducati could be more use of force main driver for the motor tests in the 2012 season.

Indeed, after the economic crisis hit the world MotoGP issued a policyowner to limit the number of trials, as the savings hard work. Ducati feel the impact of the rule, where they don't have the flexibility in testing. Rossi & Nicky Hayden had only a few opportunities to try new motor, so the process of development of the Desmosedici was walking perfectly.

Although he was trying to get around the rule that limitation by using power check rider, Franco Battaini & Vittoriano Guareschi team boss, but the results were not optimal. As a result, the Desmosedici GP11 is not competitive when fighting with other factory teams, Honda & Yamaha.

Rossi includes individuals who are angry with the rules of the trial restrictions. "The Doctor" said that Ducati suffered heavy losses with the rule.

In the coursework of the 2011 season, Ducati tries some radical changes to overcome the issue of front-end. But all these efforts did not produce encouraging results, & the team based in Bologna is only times over riders on the podium.

Well, for the Desmosedici GP12, Ducati switched to conventional chassis, the aluminum pole twins. Motor to the period of 1000 cc engine was expected to make Ducati more competitive in the 2012 season. The existence of permission to conduct more trials, which agreed last weekend in the Grand Prix Commission meeting in Madrid, making Ducati happy.

The new rules permit the Ducati, Honda, & Yamaha, using 240 (120 sets) Bridgestone tires with a contracted rider. This is what makes Burgess happy.

"For us to be more competitive, they must do a check with the drivers KMI. They have an obligation to Ducati & Ducati fans themselves, so competitive, & if they were behind, then they must check with the drivers of our contract," said The Australian men.

"And it is not a Valentino, but all the Ducati riders. They must work together & try as soon as feasible so that the motor can create. When you are under, you need to immediately improve the speed to be above.

"That is the only way they can move forward. Other companies will have the same rules, & in the event you do not need a check, you do not must do it. They desired to be closer to that in the future. They have a check rider, but with respect , they only been able to take the bicycle, but they would like input from the rider in MotoGP.

Burgess admitted that Ducati development quickly so that it can be a champion in 2007. But after that, from 2008 to 2010, its development in to a slow compared to other plants, Yamaha, Honda before rising in 2011.

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